Schedule an Appointment

  1. Log in to
  2. If you have never logged in to, please log-in using your hawkid and password. Then update your personal & academic profile so that the system will allow you to move forward.
  3. Select "Request an Appointment" under SHORTCUTS on the right side of your HireaHawk Home Page - see who is eligible
  4. Setting an appointment:
    • Select Appointment Type and Location - Pomerantz Career Center
    • From the list of Staff Members that pops up, select the individual you want to see by checking the box next to his/her name (hover over a name to see the persons area of responsibility).
    • Select one of the highlighted dates that the Staff Member is available
    • Select one of the available appointment times
    • Add any notes or issues you want to discuss and click "Submit Request."

After submission, you will get a system-generated email with the Staff Members name and the appointment date and time. You will also get a reminder by email. You may also receive a text message reminder if you have enabled the system to send messages to your cell number.

You may view, schedule, or cancel your appointment in your calendar, or make a new appointment. Select the Calendar tab and choose Appointment – New Appointment. Then follow the steps to the left.

Call the Pomerantz Career Center at 319-335-1023 for assistance if:

  • You are taken to a Registration page instead of a Profile page
  • You don't see "Request an Appointment" on your Home Page in
    (Current UI students (undergraduates from all majors) and alumni within one year of their graduation date are eligible for 1:1 career advising appointments. UI graduate/professional school students and alumni, please see the referral list to identify career services specific to your needs.)
  • You'd like to meet with a Staff Member who is not showing up on your list