Find Your Focus Open Major Program

What is Find Your Focus?

Find Your Focus is a program available for students who are open majors and for students who are unsure about a declared major choice.

The process of selecting a major and a career path can prove difficult for many students. Feeling lost, overwhelmed, or confused are all common emotions for students as they consider how their interests, abilities, and values align with various majors and occupations. First-year students and sophomores are especially encouraged to consider Find Your Focus if struggling with defining their academic and career interests.

Find Your Focus provides a step-by-step approach to beginning the career exploration process by helping students answer:

Through a series of appointments with a career advisor, students will complete activities that will allow them to define and reflect upon their interests, in addition to learning how to utilize various resources that will aid them as they explore majors and occupations.

Participation with Find Your Focus requires a commitment and investment from students to thoroughly examine and research different major and career interests. Find Your Focus is ideal for those students who need direction and guidance regarding the first stages of career development. If you have declared a major and feel confident in your choice, please meet with your specific Career Advisor (designated by major) for advice and information.


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Student Testimonials

“Before participating with the Find Your Focus program, I was feeling overwhelmed with the idea of exploring so many different career options. With each meeting, though, I felt that I was moving in a positive direction, narrowing my search a little more each time. The program helped me realize that there is a career path for every passion, and my ultimate goal now is to become an Urban and Regional Planner!”
~Natalia W., first-year

“Through the program, I assessed how my interests reflect my values which then helped me learn about which occupations reflect my values. I was able to explore my options through researching careers online and meeting with departmental advisors to learn more about the majors I am considering. The Find Your Focus program is definitely worthwhile, and I recommend it to every open major I meet!”
~Claire K., first-year


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Have additional questions? Please contact Alicia Joens (Senior Career Advisor, New Student Programs) at 319-335-1023.






Who Am I?

During the first checkpoint, you'll focus on self-assessment and take a career interest inventory that will provide the foundation for connecting who you are to majors and occupations.

Completing the "Who Am I? will allow you to:

  • Identify your interests, abilities, and values by examining preferred activities and positive traits
  • Reflect how family members have influenced your academic and career interests
  • Consider the significance of your occupational dreams


What Are My Possibilities?

During the second checkpoint, you'll begin identifying and learning more about majors and occupations of specific interest by utilizing various resources.

Completing "What Are My Possibilities" will allow you to:

  • Research and reflect on majors and occupations of interest
  • Attend a Career Fair and/or Exploring Majors Fair



How Can I Try It

During the third checkpoint, you'll focus on gaining career-related experiences through campus and community involvement.

Completing "How Can I Try It" will allow you to:

  • Learn how being active on campus and in the community can further define your academic and occupational interests
  • Identify opportunities for job-shadowing, volunteering, student organization participation, and part-time work related to your career interests


Who Can Help Me?

During the fourth checkpoint, you'll learn how others can assist you within your career development by offering information, insight, and advice regarding majors and occupations of interest.

Completing "Who Can Help Me? will allow you to:

  • Identify contacts that can provide information and assistance
  • Conduct informational interviews with professors and professionals