Who We Are


The Career Leadership Academy prepares aspiring Iowa undergraduate student leaders to excel in their future endeavors beyond the University setting and to live and lead with integrity. Through meaningful and intentional academic and experiential coursework, students learn and develop leadership skills and professionalism in a collaborative and inclusive environment. The Career Leadership Academy challenges its students to connect with leaders in order to live a purposeful life and create positive change on a local, national, and global level.


Learning Outcomes

Utilizing course readings, assessments and inventories, classroom discussions, and experiential activities, graduates of the Career Leadership Academy will demonstrate:

1. Improved communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, decision-making, organizational, leadership, and critical thinking and analytical skills

2. Increased understanding of and ability to demonstrate career readiness, professionalism and effective use of technology in the workplace

3. Increased understanding of one’s sphere of influence and active engagement in meaningful educational and civic activities through service and leadership

4. Enhanced ability to recognize and understand the diversity in global environments and apply that knowledge to work effectively within team structures

5. Improved ability to set goals and priorities and organize plans to achieve them

6. Increased understanding of self including interests, beliefs, opinions, values, and skills


Find out more about who we are and what our students learn:  PDF iconAnnual Report


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