Course Description

Students in Xicotepec

The Global Leadership Initiative courses are supplementary to a study abroad, international internship or cross cultural experience. These courses focus on developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills paramount for global leadership competence. The two ways to get involved in the Global Leadership Initiative are listed below.

  • Global Leadership Initiative Online
    • The online course (LS:3010:0WKZ), which is not exclusively for CLA students, is a pass/fail, 1-credit hour online workshop, and students can go at their own pace. The course is designed to help those engaged in international experiences develop their leadership knowledge, awareness, and skills. Individuals involved in study abroad, international internships, international exchange programs, or employment opportunities that involve international cooperation may enroll in the course concurrently with their international experiences. The course includes online discussion with other students, guided reflection, opportunities to engage with successful leaders in cross-cultural roles, pre- and post-experience assessment, and direction for continued development of global leadership competence after the course concludes.


  • Global Leadership Initiative in Xicotepec
    • This opportunity is worth 3 semester hours and the courses (LS:3009 and ABRD:3352) are available only to members of CLA. Students travel to Xicotepec in Puebla, Mexico to practice their leadership skills on a global scale. Students meet and bond with the locals while participating in community service activities that bring them and the town closer together.


Top 5 Reasons to Participate in the Global Leadership Initiative:

1. Explore leadership from a global perspective

2. Understand a different culture

3. Learn valuable skills for your future career

4. Enhance your critical thinking skills

5. Make a difference in the world


"The goals that I set for myself at the beginning of my trip allowed me to put a leadership focus on my time abroad. Instead of being solely concentrated on school, I was able to use my time on campus as an opportunity to grow as a leader as well."

                                                                -Angela W.