Career Strategies Timeline

Pomerantz Career Center has developed the following list of activities as guidelines to prepare yourself throughout your college years to get hired after graduation. We encourage you to begin using the Pomerantz Career Center during your first year at the University of Iowa and let us help you work through this timeline.


1. Get Started


[  ]   Visit the Pomerantz Career Center office (PC C310) or website to learn more about our services.

[  ]   Complete your profile.

[  ]   Like us on Facebook (UICareerCenter) and follow us on Twitter (@UICareerCenter) to learn more about career related events and find out about the
        latest internship and job opportunities.


2. Explore your Possibilities


[  ]   Meet with a career coach to help clarify career interests and options.

[  ]   Identify interests and explore career goals using assessments.

[  ]   Check out the Find Your Focus program.

[  ]   Identify your main areas of interest (hobbies,school subjects, etc.) and what careers they relate to.

[  ]   Take the Career Exploration course.

[  ]   Locate at least two student organizations to join that will help explore and define your career goals.

[  ]   Determine the values that are important to you in a career (prestige, flexibility, challenge, etc.).

[  ]   Identify your three strongest talents or skills (academic and personal).

[  ]   Understand how to conduct an informational interviews and participate in at least two.


3. Develop a Plan


[  ]   Participate in volunteer opportunities that can add to your skill sets.

[  ]   Attend at least one Career Fair to find out more about prospective careers.

[  ]   Consider taking Career Leadership Academy courses.

[  ]   Visit your Academic Advisor to discuss courses that you could take to help you gain additional skills (i.e. computer courses, career-related classes,

[  ]   Visit your career coach and academic advisor to coordinate guidance and planning.

[  ]   Make a tentative career goal and list of alternative goals.

[  ]   Develop a strategic plan to achieve your career goals.

[  ]   Start to evaluate graduate and professional program (if needed).

[  ]   Create your first resume or update your most current resume.


4. Gain Experience


[  ]    Explore all and participate in at least two of the following:

[  ]    Internship

[  ]    Part-time work

[  ]    Externship or job shadowing

[  ]    Volunteer work/service learning

[  ]    Summer employment

[  ]    Study abroad/international volunteer experience

[  ]   Attend one of the Career Fairs to identify and apply for summer internships opportunities.

[  ]   Search for internships and full-time employment on and sign up for on-campus interviews.

[  ]   Update your resume, visit the Career Center for feedback.

[  ]   Write a sample cover letter and have it reviewed.

[  ]   Complete a mock interview or use INTERVIEWSTREAM to practice your interviewing skills.

[  ]   Obtain a leadership position in a student organization

[  ]   Conduct an internship search and participate in at least one internship.

[  ]   Have your internship noted on your transcript.

[  ]   Attend appropriate Career Fairs (both fall and spring) to  identify and apply for internships.

[  ]   Build a LinkedIn profile.

[  ]   Consider taking a Pomerantz Career Center course such as Job Search Strategies or the Global Leadership Institute.


5. Get Hired


[  ]   Create an individualized job search plan.

[  ]   Meet with a Career Peer Advisor or Career Coach to discuss job search strategies.

[  ]   Conduct an online search for jobs and employer information, know how to perform company research.

[  ]   Visit the Pomerantz Career Center for final resume and cover letter reviews.

[  ]   Build upon your existing resume by making it job specific.

[  ]   Talk with individuals (professor, former employer, or mentor) who will serve as your references and give them a   copy of your resume.

[  ]   Polish your interview skills—be able to articulate short and long term goals.

[  ]   Attend 1 or more career fairs, sign up for on-campus interviews, and apply for positions within