10 Things People Do That are Awesome at College

Monday, August 25, 2014 - 12:32pm

Kermit - It is Friday!

We are REALLY excited that you are here! Check out these 10 things to get your semester started right:

1. Unpack. For real. Nothing makes the first weeks of classes more difficult than having to dig through boxes of stuff to find your lucky t-shirt. Take time to get settled before hitting your favorite place on campus.

2. Meet someone new. Introduce yourself to your new roommate and go grab coffee or some froyo. Meeting new people is part of what makes being a Hawkeye great.

meeting on campus

3. Find where your classes will be. It’s not cool to be confused on your first day of class about where to go, take time to walk around campus and scope out where to go (side note- if you are lost on your first day, its okay – ask a friendly face for help).

4. Get prepared - don't panic! Make sure to log into ICON and check out your course syllabi so you can find out more about what you’ll be doing, and what to expect this semester

Keep Calm and Don't panic

5. Find a good study place. Do you have a favorite hangout where you can really get things done?  You may not need it the first day, but soon enough you’ll need that go-to spot. There are lots of great locations in IC; coffee shops, the Learning Commons, IMU, Old Capitol Mall and great buildings to get your work done

students studying at library

6. Eat.  If you have a meal plan, check out where you can use it, the hours and days so you can get your grub. Can you say nom nom?

nom nom nom

7. Have fun. If you’re new to campus, be sure to check out activities Welcome Back Week! Cookouts, info fairs, movies, entertainment all give you an idea of life at IOWA so don’t miss out

8. Don’t be shy. As you start classes if you’re feeling overwhelmed be sure to speak to your instructor, your academic advisor or anther faculty or staff member about it. There are TONS of resources on campus to help. Remember, everybody is “new” some time and has had to ask for help- don't know where to start? Stop by the Career Center and we're happy to help


9. Move it. Check out the rec center, the intramural teams or the other outside activities around campus – there are hundreds of ways to keep healthy on campus


10. Get involved. There are nearly 500 student orgs on campus, hundreds of places to volunteer, and places to find a part-time job. There is something for you, just PICK ONE to try this year and see if you like it. You’ll meet new friends, make great connections and are bound to have fun

dance marathon


-Written by Angi McKie, Director, Marketing and Operations