careerBUZZ: What was the Job Fair like?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - 1:17pm

The planning, researching, and perfecting of resumes that students accomplished prior to the Job Fair was enough to impress anyone.


As the day drew nearer and nearer, students met with peer advisors in the Pomerantz Career Center to update resumes, cover letters, review interview tips and much more. Researching companies through HireAHawk and through company websites made students feel completely ready to take on the big day.


On the day of the fair, over 150 organizations set-up in the main lounge and the second ballroom of the Iowa Memorial Union, but first, students made their way to the Student Hospitality Area to drop off coats and backpacks, print off extra resume copies and speak with Career Advisors one last time before hitting the stage.

Students strived to look their best by dressing professional to impress their possible future employees. During the fair students gathered business cards, picked up materials from each employer, gave elevator pitches that had been rehearsed multiple times and handed out multiple copies of resumes in hopes of finding a perfect employer fit.

Navigating through the fair was a breeze with the handy U of Iowa Career Fair Plus app. It allowed students to attend all of the organizations and companies they wanted to talk to without ever getting lost.

Students nailed their interviews and the job fair as a whole was a huge success thanks to employers, volunteers, and the students themselves. The success came because of the amount of preparing that students did in advance!


-Written by Emily Fisher, Student Blogger