careerBUZZ: Is Graduate School For You?

Monday, October 20, 2014 - 9:39am

When you think about your future do you feel like this?


Ask yourself these simple questions:

Do you like going to class and enjoy school in general?



Are you passionate about a specific topic?



Do you want to ensure career advancement?



Do you want to earn more money?



Did you answer YES to any of these?

Then you should consider graduate school!

There are THOUSANDS of programs out there to earn a degree in!


The single best reason to go to graduate school is because you have a passion for a subject area. Graduate school offers a chance to advance your learning and understanding of specific topics that sparked your attention as an undergraduate. Graduate school is probably the second best investment you will ever make, after a bachelor’s degree-there is no price tag on knowledge.


Ready to take the next step in seeking graduate schools?

The Career Center offers a course to help prepare for graduate school! Check out the ISIS for the course: Graduate Admissions 101




Come into the Pomerantz Career Center and talk to Career Advisor to learn more about types of programs and the array of schools out there.


-Written by Kathryn McKenzie, Student Blogger