careerBUZZ: 7 Tips for Class Registration

Monday, November 17, 2014 - 8:58am

With class registration right around the corner, keep the following things in mind in order to build an engaging, manageable schedule that will make you want to jump out of bed to make it to those 8am classes.


1. Pick classes that interest you

Whether you’re finishing up general education classes or diving into your major’s core classes, pick classes that interest you. You don’t want to start to regret your choice to take a class that sounded easy but you care nothing about about, one week into the semester.


2. Challenge yourself

You’ve heard it over and over again but don’t take the easy way out. College is a time for you to challenge yourself, and what better way to do it than in classes that will not only challenge you academically, but will allow you to develop better communication and time management skills.

3. Don’t overwhelm yourself

Challenge yourself, but don’t overwhelm yourself. If you are planning on packing 19 credit hours into one semester, triple majoring with a minor, or graduating an entire year early, sit back and breathe. Try to explore other options in order to avoid overwhelming amounts of stress later on in the semester. You can still challenge yourself without going overboard. Five weeks into the semester, your brain and your sleep schedule will thank you.

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4. Explore lots of areas

If you’re interested in an area of study, don’t be afraid to test the waters with a general education class. This is a perfect opportunity for you to have a little taste of the area of study without committing to the major. Try to see if you can picture yourself in that area of study for the rest of your life, and if you can, you may be looking at a possibility for a major.

5. Create a schedule that works for you

Not a morning person? Want a little free time in-between classes to catch up on the episode of The Walking Dead you didn’t finish the night before? Good news: you can alter your schedule in whatever way you like! Many classes are offered multiple times a week in order for you to make your perfect schedule. You can always change your schedule during the first few weeks of class if you find your schedule is more than you bargained for.

6. Visit with your advisor

The only person who can interpret your degree audit better than anyone else? Your academic advisor! Pay them a visit to avoid stressing out 5 minutes before your registration time opens up and you have no idea what classes are required for you to take for your major.  Be prepared when you visit with a list of classes you’re interested in taking, a schedule of your other commitments and questions a list of questions to ask them so you don’t end up like this…

7. Take a class that will prepare you transition into the real world

Career Leadership Academy is a 2-4 semester hour program open to all undergraduate majors that prepares students to take on life outside college and to live and lead with integrity. The skills and experiences that you will gain from taking Career Leadership Academy will amaze you. You will alter your cover letter, perfect your resume, spend time looking up possible jobs, internships and other opportunities and learn how to nail the perfect interview. Visit for more information and course descriptions.

-Written by Emily Fisher, Student Blogger

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