careerBUZZ: What are Mock Interviews?

Monday, November 10, 2014 - 9:50am

What are Mock Interviews?!


Mock Interviews are the chance to practice answering those tough interview questions and learn proper etiquette, before the real deal. They are 30-45 minute time slots and you can sign up for four a semester. These are a great help to improve yourself for interviews and self-reflection on how others (like employers) perceive you.


What do I do to Prepare?

·      Dress up in business professional attire

·      Arrive early

·      Strong handshake

·      Make eye contact with the interviewer

·      Write notes to remember the feedback

·      Relax and have fun!


What are the outcomes?

Learn your strengths and areas for improvements and you will feel much more confident when participating in an interview. 


Who conducts the interviews?

Employers from around the community who volunteer their time to share their knowledge with college students.


Sign Up Right Now!

How Do I Do That?


Go to Jobs and Internships Tab---Type “Mock” in the search bar---Select a time slot


Easy as that!


My Story:

I have done multiple mock interviews and each one has been highly beneficial. The employers taught me what they are looking for in candidates, the best way to answer tricky questions, and much more. Also I have received business cards from them to contact them after if I would like to learn more about their internships at their organizations. What more could one want? Mock Interviews are completely free, hosted by the Career Center and are a great tool to gain knowledge and practice. 


-Written by Kathryn McKenzie, Student Blogger