careerBUZZ Employer Spotlight: Aldi

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - 10:00am

The District Manager Role at Aldi is a challenging and thought provoking position.  As a District Manager you have the unique opportunity to oversee millions of dollars in sales as well as manage a staff of 50+ people.  You aid in overseeing many different areas of the store to help plan for the future, increase sales and manage expenses.  Typically, you will oversee 4 stores and be able to impact those stores from all angles.  You work closely with the store manager overseeing operations to maximize sales throughout all areas of the store.  As a District Manager, the staffing of those stores is dependent on you.  Being able to teach, develop and train a staff to help drive sales and create a positive buying experience for our customers is a very important part of the role.  A DM also is directly involved in controlling expenses within a district.  You are able to approve new needed expenses as well as create strategies to manage current expenses.  As a DM you conduct audits throughout your district to ensure all cash, debit and EBT accounts balance. You will actively work with managers to ensure that inventory counts are not only accurate but within the goal that you determine.   Finally, communicating store and company objectives as well as creating a positive working environment for your staff is an essential duty.

This position allows you to build your own schedule in order to have the largest impact on your district.  It allows you to utilize many different skill sets within your district to help adapt to the ever changing retail environment.   This job will challenge you to think outside the box in order to attack new problems that arise.  Every day is different, which allows for consistent learning and challenges you to become a better leader.  The skills utilized, attained and learned from this position are like no other “entry level” job. 

Similarly, the internship will challenge you to look for new ways of thinking and rocket you into receiving real world experience.  Unlike normal internships, you will not be brewing coffee and sitting in a cubicle.  Instead, you can expect problem solving with managers, taking over active DM roles and receiving real world business experience.  An intern will take an active role in the auditing of stores within a district. They will trouble shoot problems with managers and DMs: whether it’s finding ways to increase sales on certain items, helping ensure efficiency during a remodel or anything in between.   An intern, over the course of the internship, will target a specific area of an Aldi store and create suggestions on how to improve it over the course of the summer. At the end, the intern will have the unique opportunity to share their findings with a panel of Aldi Directors and an Aldi Vice President.  The Aldi internship will be an excellent internship for anyone looking to enhance their ability to problem solve and receive excellent real world experience.