careerBUZZ: Make the Most of Your HireaHawk Account

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 2:34pm

You may already be familiar with, or maybe you are not. It is the main online recruiting system for University of Iowa, is available to ALL current students and alumni, and is FREE. Not only is HireaHawk useful for searching employers and searching for jobs and internships, but there are also many other resources for students to take advantage of. Below are a few resources I find very helpful, that may not be as well known.



InterviewStream is a way to practice interviewing, while seeing what you look like and how you sound when answering interview questions. InterviewStream can be taken advantage of from any device that has a webcam/camera attached. The Pomerantz Career Center also has a computer set aside for this purpose.  To learn more about InterviewStream and sign up for an interview, log into your HireaHawk account, go to the home page, scroll down, and click on the InterviewStream tab under the heading Other Resources on the right hand side of the screen.


2.Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are another excellent tool to take advantage of and gain experience with interviewing. Actual recruiters from various companies and organizations come to campus and conduct these interviews. After the interview the recruiter provides you with feedback and advice. The recruiter does not need to be from a company you are interested in. Any student can interview with any recruiter. Mock interviews should be treated like real interviews with the same preparation and dress code. For more information on mock interviews and to sign up log into your HireaHawk account, click the Jobs & Internships tab at the top of the screen, and enter “mock interview” into the search function.


3.USA Career Guide & Going Global

Both of these resources are great for searching for jobs and finding information about specific job markets in certain places. As you might have guessed, USA Career Guide focuses on major cities within the United States and Going Global provides resources for international career searches. These are great resources to take advantage of if you are considering relocating after graduation. To learn more about each of these resources and start searching for information, log into your HireaHawk account, go to the homepage, and follow the links on the left hand side of the screen.

*Something to keep in mind: USA Career Guides does require that you log in from a University of Iowa computer on the university network the first time and create an account. After you have created your account it can then be accessed from any computer on any network.


*Other things to keep in mind: HireaHawk has many other helpful tools that you should explore and consider taking advantage in order to prepare yourself for your future career as much as possible. You should always make sure all your personal and academic information is up to date in order to ensure the system is providing you with the most accurate information as possible when searching for jobs and internships, requesting career advising appointments, etc.


So get to your nearest computer, login to your HireaHawk, and see what is out there waiting for you!


Written by Leah Baas, Student Blogger

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