careerBUZZ: Why Should I be a Peer Advisor?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - 6:30pm

Day in the Life of a Peer Advisor

Junior year I decided to apply to the Career Peer Advisor position at the Pomerantz Career Center. This position seemed like a good way to get involved and to work closer to my Career Advisor, who I also viewed as my mentor. This position offered a great deal of opportunities, personal growth, and has quite possibly been the BEST part of my collegiate career.


To the common student, a Peer Advisor aids in resume and cover letter assistance. As well as, directing people to how to choose a major and how to search for internship.  Or is merely someone to go to because a class requires it. This is partly what the job entails, but being a Peer Advisor is so MUCH MORE than what meets the eye.




















Let me tell you what it really is like to be a Peer Advisor.


Over the last year and a half working in the Pomerantz Career Center, I have professionally grown through networking with big name companies and UI faculty/staff, strengthened presentation skills, helped with the career fairs put on every semester, enhanced my interpersonal and organizational skills, gained interview experience through mock interviews, met a diverse student body base through walk-in assistance, and created lasting friendships.



Each day I come into work and look through HireaHawk to give students feedback on their resumes. This has helped other students as much as it has expanded my knowledge of various degrees, internships, and organizations at the UI. I feel much more confident in my resume and my abilities where I know the feedback I give is beneficial, and see that my guidance will showcase these students’ skills in the best light.


After looking at the resume cue, I tend to the students who walk-in for immediate assistance. This is by far my FAVORITE part! This is first hand working with students, from first years to international students to recent alums to non-traditional students taking classes at the UI. The position has helped me gain adaptability in order to work one on one with a wide range of students. I am able to see on their faces the impact I have left on them and see them leave feeling more confident and motivated in their career journeys. Also being able to interact and learn about what fellow students' amazing experiences that they bring to the university (once I met a student who interned with the Miami Dolphins).


-You meet a wide range of people from Herky to UI faculty/staff to employer recruiters to student athletes

-Friends lean on you to help them with their resumes (you can finally use the line “you have so much to learn young grasshopper”)

-Your resume will pretty much be FLAWLESS

-You know the inside information on the professional world and are up to date on rising career topics

-Feel more confident in interviews

-Potlucks are hosted by Career Advisors every month (FREE FOOD)

 -“Resume girl”—a nickname I have been called outside of the PCC when people recognize me on campus, and are gracious for the service, knowledge I shared with them

-There is NOTHING better than working environment at the PCC with the Career Advisors, these are the best people on campus, most amazing people to look up to, and will drop anything to help you


Apply TODAY to Become a Peer Advisor

More info here//Application is on HireaHawk

-Student Blogger, Kathryn McKenzie