Tips for Successful Class Registration

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 4:29pm

The most stressful time of the year is already here… CLASS REGISTRATION! To avoid tears this year, here are some helpful tips to think about before registering for your Fall 2015 schedule


1) Look at your degree audits

The first step to registering for class is to look at your current degree audits on MyUI. These contain all the courses you still need to take before you can successfully graduate. Go to MyUI -> Student Records -> Advising -> Degree Audits. From here on, you can access your currently declared programs of study. Additionally, you can see a “What If” degree audit if you’re thinking about a different area of study.

2) Make a balanced schedule

A mistake that students make when creating class schedules is trying to squeeze all their classes back-to-back. Although it may seem that this would be nice, be sure to not overschedule yourself. Keep in mind the time you need to allow for extra-curricular experiences, work, and study time.

3) Don’t take too many difficult classes at once

Another big mistakes that students make far too often is jam-packing their most difficult courses into one semester. Although the idea of getting these courses “out of the way” are tempting, it will make for a very frustrating and overwhelming semester.

4) Talk with your advisor

After you create a rough draft of your potential schedule, be sure to make an appointment with your academic advisor to make sure that you are on pace for graduation. Advisors have good advice to give when it comes to scheduling, so take their word for it!

5) Have a backup plan!

As we all know too well, classes often fill up very quickly on MyUI. Whether you register on the first day or the last day, always make sure to have some sort of backup plan so you’re not scrambling when the course you want is already collecting a waitlist.

Happy scheduling!


-Written by Jamie Gurgul, Student Blogger

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