7 Ways to ROCK Your Internship

Monday, June 1, 2015 - 1:25pm

Are you on the search for your dream internship?

Internships are great stepping stones to explore various career options, further your skill development, and of course enhance your resume. This is a chance to learn through application rather than the textbooks and lectures hall you have been focused on for the past several months.

Clearly, internships are awesome. But are you worried about being awesome at your internship? Well, here are 7 surefire tips to rock your summer internship


1) Research, research, research!
Before your first day on the job, make sure to dedicate time to getting to know the organization you will be working with. It is helpful to look at the organization’s goals, missions, history, and other past projects.

2) Become a professional
There are two parts to becoming a professional in the office workplace: arrive on time and dress the part. By doing these two things, your co-workers will view you as a working professional, rather than a young intern.

3) Take it seriously
You were hired for a reason. No matter what the project may be, your work will have a significant impact on the organization.


4) Be confident
There is no doubt that internships can be intimidating. Rather than being intimidated, embrace your skills and abilities and continually learn from those around you.

5) Network with your co-workers
Internships are a wonderful chance for you to learn from their expertise as you’re growing in your personal career path. Find a mentor that you can stay in close contact with throughout your internship experience.

6) Ask for feedback
The objective behind internships is to grow your knowledge and abilities. By asking your supervisor for advice and guidance, you will show that you are humble and eager to learn


7) Push yourself
At the end of the day, this internship is a huge advancement into your future career. Challenge yourself to do things you would have never thought you could do. Remember to set goals, keep track of your accomplishments, and to prove yourself.

-Written by Jamie Gurgul, Student Blogger

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