A Pep Talk from the Pomerantz Career Center to You

Friday, August 21, 2015 - 8:36am

Kid President: A Pep Talk

The beginning of the semester is here!.  It’s a time full of both melancholy “goodbyes” and exciting “hellos”.  It is the season for new friends, new classes, and of course Hawkeye football.  New semesters are new beginnings; we think that deserves a little pep talk! 

Kid President: High Five

Here at the Pomerantz Career Center, we love new beginnings.  (Beginnings are kinda our business!) We love meeting new students and are always excited to see returning students back on campus after the (much too quiet) summer.  We also know that helping students with their career development is helping them chart new beginnings for after graduation.  

Kid President: The world would be more awesome

Here is a big question--- what would make your world more awesome? It is okay to still have blanks that need filled! Most of us don’t come to college knowing what we want to do.  Most of us change our mind at some point, too.  As a proud UI alum and now a career advisor, take my advice: be flexible, be curious, and be open-minded! Yes, you want to have your career decision made…but it probably doesn’t need to be made right. this. second.  Explore and try out different ideas!  Talk with your career advisor.  Take an assessment.  Job shadow someone you admire.  Take a wacky class for fun.  Discovering your passions isn’t something you want to rush! You aren’t expected to have it all figured out when you start college---you are here to learn and grow. 

Kid President: Make the world better

If you really stop and think about it, the purpose of a career is to contribute to something greater.  Whether the purpose is to improve an organization, achieve financial stability, help others, or improve your community, you name it…your work should mean something to you!  Does it?!  

Kid President: Things Don't Have to be Like They Are

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure about your career plans so far.  The good news is that things can change. Whether you are an incoming student or a returning student, it is never too late to consider all of your options.

There is never a wrong to visit the Pomerantz Career Center (okay…except for when our office is closed).  It is never too early or too late to make progress towards your career goals.  To new students, WELCOME! To returning students, WELCOME BACK! We are so glad you are here. Whether you need high five or a pep-talk, we will be here to cheer you on all the way!

Photo credit: Kid President/Soul Pancake

Written by Mallory Becraft, Career Advisor & Peer Manager