5 Tips To Building Your Personal Brand in College

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 8:34am

Nike Logo

When we hear the word brand, generally large-named companies come to mind. A good example  is Nike with the words “Just Do It” and swoosh sign.


Your personal brand should be just as memorable
as this. Our brands are constantly being portrayed
to everyone we meet on the University of Iowa campus.Upon graduation, employers look for job
candidates that are unique and confident.

With that being said, here are five helpful steps to building your brand throughout your college experience.  


Establish yourself

  • To create your personal brand think about who you are and what makes you shine. Distinguish your passions, strengths, and goals to figure out how 
  • they are different from others. It is also helpful to ask your closest family, friends, and peers to identify you. From that point forward, embrace these traits.

Find your niche

  • Chances are that your major has many different areas that are included within the program. You need to find the specific area that really ignites your spark. For example, if you are a Biology major and you are interesting in health and nutrition, become an expert on this specific topic.

Engage in campus life

  • Student organizations and other campus activities quickly become what you’re known for on campus. Whether it is Dance Marathon, intramural sports, or any other student organization, embrace your opportunities within the organization. Every experience you partake in on campus shows employers what your overall mission is.

Continue to network

  • Whether you know it or not, you are networking every day on campus. It is crucial to remember that every individual you converse with on a daily basis could somehow shape you in the future. Continually leave positive and ongoing impressions on your professors, peers, etc.

Create a blog and/or website

  • More and more, employers are looking for blogs or websites from job candidates. It is helpful to write about your niche to show you that you truly do care about the topic at hand. This shows employers that you are excited and betrothed in your future career.  

No matter what, allow your personal brand to grow with you. Your brand should continuously be developing as you develop as a career professional. Keep it up-to-date and always build upon it! 

Written by: Jamie Gurgul, Marketing and Events Intern