careerBuzz: 8 Tips to Ace the Career Fair

Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 7:07am


1) Research companies attending the career fair – Don’t freak out!


With so many companies coming to the Job Fair this year, figuring out which ones you should talk to can seem overwhelming. The career fair app is a great tool to research companies relevant to your major, geographic preference, and many more settings. More than that, do a bit of extra research on your own. Websites like “” give great insight as to what kind of candidates companies are looking for, typical interview processes, and much more valuable information.   


2) Have a plan of attack


Over 160 companies are coming to the Job Fair! Make a list of the companies that you want to talk to the most, so that you can have a sense of direction when attending the fair. If one booth is crowded, you have a list of where to go next! 


3) Make a "cheat sheet"


Make a brief list of your ‘target companies’ with a short synopsis of things like the company mission, job descriptions, any notable awards recently wont, etc. This will serve as a great refresher when you’re walking through the whirlwind of booths, and will make you seem more informed to the representatives of the company!


4) Bring an updated resume

It’s important to showcase the best version of yourself to potential employers. Show them your awesome accomplishments by bringing the most current version of your resume to the Fair! The Career Center offers excellent resume workshops with peer editors, and Advisors are also available to look over your resume. 


5) Practice your elevator pitch

With so many students attending the job fair, you want to make sure you can sell yourself in a short and sweet way; an elevator pitch. What are your most valuable qualities as a potential employee? What is your work ethic like? These are just a few examples of a quick attention getter that employees will want to hear about. If you’ve never given an elevator pitch, it helps to write it down and practice saying it aloud!


6) Dress Professionally


One of the more crucial elements of having a successful experience at the Job Fair is dressing professionally. While the Fair is generally a more casual environment than an interview may be, it is just as important to make a great first impression. Show them your snazzy style and suit up! Check out this guide of specifics on how to appropriately dress for the career fair:


7) Follow up


If you get a business card or some form of contact information from a company you liked talking to, follow up with them! Send them an email or connect with them on LinkedIn and let them know you enjoyed speaking with them, and were appreciative of their time. Little details like this will make you stand out as an exceptionally thoughtful potential employee. 




You have everything you need to ace the Job Fair, now go show yourself off! 


Written by: Molly Hoogland, Student blogger