Career Buzz February 2016

Making the Most of HireaHawk On-Campus Job Search

Posted February 23, 2016

I'm sure everyone has wondered where a lot of students they see working the front desks of campus buildings, the library, and the rec find out about their jobs. I'm here to tell you how to make the most of HireaHawk in regards to student employment. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Intern Week

Posted February 08, 2016

It's officially INTERN WEEK at the University of Iowa! Do you need some more convincing as to why you should attend these awesome sessions? If so, you're in luck. 

1) It's a great time to start your internship search! 
Internship searching can be a long process with many different options and paths. The Pomerantz Career Center wants to help you work through this grueling search process! You'll learn about many different options on how to find the PERFECT internship for you!