Why to Enroll in a Pomerantz Career Center Academic Course

Monday, April 4, 2016 - 9:05am

Did you know that the Pomerantz Career Center offers tons of great academic courses? You probably didn’t… but that’s okay. We’re here to fill you in on everything you need to know!

The Career Center has over 20 registered academic courses. These are listed under course codes CCP (Career Center Programs) or LS (Leadership Studies). Both areas offer many different directions for UI students of all ages!

I have been lucky enough to take a handful of these awesome courses! Each course has guided me through all stages of being a student at the University of Iowa. Here are 4 different ways that a Career Center academic course can help you through your professional development journey:  

Choosing a Major
Are you panicking about finding the perfect major and career? There's no need! Courses such as Career Exploration (CCP:1300:0001) are specifically designed to help first and second-year students identify interests, skills, and values to turn into a major! These courses include a bunch of great informational interviews, researching majors/careers, and employer visits.

Building Your Skills
A lot of the Career Center’s academic courses allow you to receive credit for real-world internship experience!  These particular courses, such as Academic Internship (CCP:1201:0EXW), allow you to reflect on your internship experience and create future goals for the position.

Learning to Lead
Our leadership-based courses offer great platforms to finding your personal leadership voice and style on campus.  The Career Leadership Academy (LS:2002:0005) is one of most popular leadership courses. Past students have learned how to become a successful leader in a team setting. They have also picked up a lot of career tips along the way, such as utilizing LinkedIn and various networking skills.

Planning Your Search
A large portion of the Career Center’s courses introduce upper-level students to job search strategies and techniques. For example, Advanced Job Search Skills (CCP:3101:0001) allows you to develop a targeted job search plan with a Career Advisor.

To learn more about academic courses provided by the Pomerantz Career Center, visit your Iowa Student Information System account and search using course code CCP or LS.  Also feel free to visit our website for more details. 

Written by Jamie Gurgul, Marketing & Events Intern