Career Buzz October 2016

careerBUZZ: 5 Career Leadership Academy Takeaways

Posted October 28, 2016

 5 Career Leadership Academy told by 'The Office'

During my sophomore year I was searching for an elective course to go along with all my major courses but wasn’t having much luck. Finally, I stumbled across the Career Leadership Academy (CLA); which is a 2 semester academic program that helps students achieve and grow at Iowa and beyond. I walked away with a variety of improved skills, successful experiences, and a diverse network. Here are my top 5 takeaways told through the eyes of Michael Scott and the rest of Dunder Mifflin.

careerBUZZ: Professional Dinner Etiquette 101

Posted October 17, 2016

Form a mental image where you are in a fancy restaurant and about to have a professional networking dinner with a potential employer. Would you feel nervous? Yes, I would be nervous. It is okay to be nervous as professional settings can be awkward and a little bit intimidating. It is different from the standard social settings that college students are used to. Here's a simple list to help you survive the event!