careerBUZZ: 6 Reasons to Work On-Campus

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:12pm

1.Networking  You are literally surrounded by professionals, aka individuals who can give stellar recommendations for graduate school, internships, and even the dreaded professional world of those humans we like to call, “Adults.” Also, these wonderful wizards, I mean, professionals often have leads on job and internship experiences, giving you pretty much first dibs on entering this secret world of experience.

2.Flexible schedule  On campus jobs are designed for students like you! You don’t have to worry about opening that dreaded, “The schedule is done,” e-mail, while crossing your fingers you weren’t assigned the Friday-Sunday shift. On-campus jobs only allow you to work a certain number of hours a week, you don’t work weekends AND you are always a student FIRST in your supervisors beautiful and understanding eyes. How can you beat that? Two words, YOU CAN’T.

3.Experience  Through on-campus jobs, you will gain experience and obtain transferable skills that employers crave. Ever think, “I literally have nothing to put on my resume?” Well let me tell you, through on-campus jobs you obtain leadership skills, management skills, organizational skills, teamwork facilitation, programming, yanno, just to name like, a few.

4.Recommendation letter  Thinking about getting a recommendation letter? If you don’t talk too much during the lecture or discussion session, then getting a recommendation letter from your on-campus job supervisor would be a great idea. Not only because your on-campus job boss knows you as an employee, your boss also knows you as a student. By providing two different perspectives, your recommendation letter will be truly outstanding!   

5.Transportation The other reason why you should work on campus is because transportation system is very convenient in campus. You can literally take Cambus to everywhere, or you can try something else…….



 6.Last but not the least, it is always good to see the Old Capital building everyday on your way to work!!!

-Written by bloggers, Hannah & Feigu