careerBUZZ: After the Fair..Now What? Advice from Hannah Montana

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 2:29pm

So you attended the Spring 2017 Career Fair- now what?? First, congratulate yourself and celebrate. You did the research, dressed up, and spoke to multiple employers. That’s no easy feat, and you should be proud! Once you’ve taken some time to relax, there are still more things you can do on your road to employment. Take our advice (and Hannah’s) below!

You can be remembered as “One in a Million” by sending a thank you or email to each representative you talked with at the Fair! This is where all those business cards you collected will come in handy. Your message can include a thank you and even mentioning something unique that you talked about with the recruiter- this will help them to remember who you are and they will be impressed that you remember them!

“Life’s What You Make It” so keep on researching potential employers to be the most prepared applicant for the possible internship. You can do more research on company websites, or you can even try to connect with the recruiters you met at the fair to learn more about the company and opportunities! Consider reaching out to them via email or LinkedIn, or even setting up a call or a coffee date to get more information.

Keep using resources offered by the Pomerantz Career Center to enhance your professional development, because, let’s be honest, “Nobody's Perfect”. Have your resume and cover letter reviewed at our walk-in hours (Monday-Friday, 10-3), attend career-related seminars offered by the PCC, enroll in a career prep class such as CLA, or meet with a career advisor to discuss your future career path.

There are more jobs and internships available to search for on our website at: under the “Search for Job and Internships” tab. Don’t get discouraged- there are tons of opportunities out there, you just have to look! You can also visit the PCC to meet with a peer advisor or career advisor if you need assistance. As Hannah would say, “Life’s a climb, but the view is great!”


Written by Steph Coupland & Bri Holtkamp, student bloggers