careerBUZZ: 5 Keys to Creating a Reference Page

Friday, April 14, 2017 - 11:14am

Are your resume and cover letter professional and complete? If the answer is yes, then your next step is creating a reference page. A reference page is a separate document that lists your references that you would supply to your potential employer. Your potential employer would then contact your references, and ask them questions about your skills and abilities. Oftentimes, a reference page can be what separates you from other candidates seeking the same job. These five keys could be what helps you land your dream job!

1. Use the same heading on your reference page that you used on your resume and cover letter. You may not have time to match your socks in the morning, but you should match your headers on your resume, cover letter, and reference page. This will keep your documents organized and consistent for your potential employer.

2. Ask people to be references that can positively speak to your skills and abilities. Full time and part time work supervisors, volunteer coordinators, advisors, professors, and coaches are all good options. Do not list family members, friends, significant others, or those who do not know you well. “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but can I use you as a reference maybe?” If you’re asking this question, this would not be an appropriate reference.

3. Give those you want to be a reference a copy of your resume and cover letter. Your reference should already think highly of you, but showing all your relevant experiences can make you an even “bigger deal”. The more information your reference knows about you the more highly they can speak of you.

4. Include your reference’s name, relationship to you, address, phone number, and email address on the reference page. Make sure to ask your references for their current contact information, because accurate “knowledge is power.”

5. Give your reference a “heads up” when you apply to a position. Not only will your reference appreciate it, but they will be able to review your information and be prepared to provide a positive reference for you. Make sure to thank your reference in advance for helping you.

-Written by Caden Crandall, student blogger