careerBUZZ: Prepare for Interview Day as told by 'The Office'

Monday, September 25, 2017 - 2:35pm

You’ve made it past the resume and cover letter stage and have landed yourself an interview! Congrats! As your big day approaches, you may be feeling a little bit like this…


But have no fear! Follow the PCC’s top 5 tips for a successful interview day, and we’ll have you feeling like this... 



1)  Dress to Impress           


Even Dwight agrees this is true! It’s important to look professional on the day of your interview. Make sure your clothes are fitted, pressed and cleaned. Not only will dressing up boost your confidence, but you’ll look put together, as well. You can check out our style guide here for ideas!   


2) Research     

Going in with insight about the company or organization you are interviewing for is not only smart, but it makes you look impressive as well. Take some time to visit their website or social media platforms to learn more about them. Stuck? A good place to start would be scoping out the “about us” page of their website, checking out their mission statement, or even reading recent news articles about them. This will help you get a better feel for what kind of candidate they are looking for and help you to be more knowledgeable during the interview. (So that you don’t end up like Michael!)


3) Practice, Practice, Practice!  

Preparation is the key to calming your nerves. And while no two interviews are alike, there are some general steps you can take that apply to any interview setting. For starters, practice speaking with good posture and projection, and don’t forget to have a firm handshake! If you are looking for practice interview questions, check out our list at: Additionally, consider talking about your strengths in your interview, you can find a guideline here: Finally, consider coming into the Pomerantz Career Center for a mock interview. You can sign up for them on Learn more about them here!


4) “Do you have any questions?” 

In many interviews, this will be the final question they ask, so take advantage and craft up some great questions beforehand! Make sure you only ask questions that have not been discussed, and that cannot be found on their website. You can check out some examples of good questions here:


5) Plan Your Route   

Ever heard of the saying, “to be early is to be on time?” Well it is definitely true when it comes to interviews! We suggest arriving to your interview 10 minutes early. Instead of rushing out the door, this way, you have time to get settled and collect your thoughts. If the location of your interview is in an unfamiliar building or you will be taking a route to get there that you are unfamiliar with, consider practicing getting to your interview beforehand. This makes travel time one less stressor on interview day! And hey, maybe you’ll even have time to add in that spin move.


Alright Hawkeyes, those are our top 5 tips! Now shake off those nerves and give yourself a pep talk like Michael ....

Because you got this!


Written by Peer Blogger: Molly Hovden