careerBUZZ: Job & Internship Fair Success Story

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 8:11am

For most college students, the Fall Job & Internships Fair is one of the first times they have networking and recruitment opportunities with several unique companies. Tippie College of Business Senior, Paige Shockey, shares her success story of walking into the career fair for the first time and how the connections she made that day set her up for a successful career - check it out below!


Paige Shockey


I went to the Job and Internship Fair as a Junior, looking for an internship, not really knowing what to expect. I had done some research about companies I had heard of and knew I was interested in, but was still worried about how exactly to talk to employers. When I got there, I walked around the companies, deciding which ones I would go talk to during my time there. One of my first was Aldi, a company that I was very familiar with and had heard about their great District Manager Internship opportunity. I walked up, had an informative conversation with the recruiter, and she encouraged me to apply on Hire-A-Hawk. I also left my resume with her. From there I went home and immediately applied on Hire-A-Hawk.


Within a few days, I was notified by email that I had an on-campus interview in the Pomerantz Center. In addition to the interview, there was also a Pre-Night Dinner at the Sheraton the night before the interview. While I had been taught in many of my classes on how to interview, I was very apprehensive and clueless on what would go on at a Pre-Night Dinner. I made an appointment to discuss how to prepare and what to expect at the event. My PCC advisor, Crystal Stockdale, was so informative and calmed my nerves. I attended the Pre-Night dinner and interview at the Pomerantz Center and absolutely fell in love with the company. It was so convenient to have my interview right on campus! Eventually, I was offered the internship and had an amazing experience. The skills I learned and developed throughout this past summer will help in in all aspects of my life. Ultimately, I was offered a full-time position and the opportunity to be a Student Ambassador at Iowa. I accepted both offers within days, because I couldn’t imagine working for any other company right out of college. The position and company were exactly what I was looking for.


It all came full circle when I was in charge of the booth at this year’s Job and Internship Fair. My experience shows exactly how effective attending the fair can be. Just last year I was clueless walking around the IMU just hoping any company would hire me, and this year I was standing at the table, telling other students about the job and company I love.