careerBUZZ: 5 Tips to Survive Finals

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 1:48pm

Finals week is upon us. A time when students will search extensively for study spots with a nearby outlet and will consume more caffeine than the previous 15 weeks. But have no fear! Ron Swanson will break down 5 tips to overcome the stress of finals week.




1. Take advantage of all things free at the IMU!




From endless coffee and popcorn to receiving a massage and playing with therapy dogs, there is always a snack and activity to help you unwind from a long day of studying.


2. Fuel your mind!




Whether your diet consists of nothing but bacon and eggs or you’re the type of person to bring a vegetable loaf to a party, ensure you are sticking to a diet that works best for you. In additional to all the free snacks provided at the IMU, they also offer complimentary pancake and bagel breakfasts. And did I mention the coffee?! Ensure you are eating before you hit the books and prior to taking your exams to gain the extra energy to push you past the curve.


3. Fuel your body!


After you consume all those carbs at the IMU, take a trip to the CRWC, which is only a short walk from all the main study spots. Regardless what your cup of tea is for making gains, attempt to designate a portion of your day to step away from the books and your computer screen, even if you aren’t caught up on Stranger Things.


4. Avoid distractions and focus on you!


You need to be at your best during finals week and people interrupting your progress is that last thing you need to worry about it. When studying, reduce the urge to check social media, by using pocket points or just leaving your devices at home. Best case scenario, just avoid people’s problems all together, especially if they can wait until after exams.


5. Celebrate the end to your long week!



Yes, this is a post-finals tip, but you deserve to relax at the end of the week whether it’s catching up on sleep, binge watching, or hitting the dance floor. Do not worry about your grades, which won’t be posted for two weeks. Live your life and enjoy your time in Iowa City before you head back to spend the holidays with your relatives.


-Written by Peer blogger Daniel Rocco