CareerBUZZ: Students - Set up your Hireahawk account!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 11:06am

All students at The University of Iowa share one main goal - to put to use all of those sleepless nights of studying, 20 page papers, and hours of reading to find that dream career we’ve all worked so hard towards. The end is near but now what? Where do you find these jobs, and how do you apply? Have no fear - HireaHawk is here! The University of Iowa not only provides you with the education to attain these positions, they give you direct access to apply for them! You just have to follow a few easy steps:

  1. The first step to success all starts with creating your own HireaHawk profile. This gives you the opportunity to brand yourself. Once your profile is created, HireaHawk provides you with job postings from employers that relate to your degree, practice for your interviewing skills, and updates on the latest networking events.


  1. Once your HireaHawk account is created, it is necessary for you to download your resume to gain full access to all the advantages it has to offer. Your resume will be reviewed by the Career Peer Advisors from the Pomerantz Center who are dedicated to helping you present your best self. There has been research done on what employers look for in a resume, so it’s important to utilize the resume tips provided on HireaHawk to create an eye-catching resume that stands out in those first 3 seconds the employer looks at it.


  1. Now that professional profile is complete, employers will be looking at you as well as you should be looking at their position openings. You’ll want to be fully prepared before stepping into the ring of interviews, so HireaHawk has given you the chance to sign up for “Mock Interviews.” Interviewing can be intimidating for many people: What do you say? Where do you put your hands? Are your sentences complete and smooth? Practice makes perfect, so with these mock interviews you will be to able make errors without penalty and decide what areas need work.


  1. Once you’re in the HireaHawk world of professionalism you’ll want to keep updated on the events The University of Iowa has to offer. You’ll be able to stay informed on the latest career fairs, workshops, and job info sessions. Everything you could possibly need to strengthen those chances of deciding and finding you lifelong career.

Being in college is stressful and can tests a person’s limits, but once all is said and done it can be the most self-satisfying accomplishment. HireaHawk is there for you step-by-step to introduce you into the real-world. This blog only list four of the tips you should be following but there is so much more to offer on HireaHawk and you’d be doing yourself a favor by just simply starting with step one.

-Written by Brooke Batha, Peer Advisor