CareerBUZZ: 5 Reasons to Work at the Pomerantz Career Center

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 4:34pm

1. Professional Paid Internship Experience

Working at the Pomerantz Career Center is a great resume builder enhancing a number of  transferable skills! This student internship allows you to get paid while gaining valuable professional experience. Additionally, hours are flexible, and we work around your student class schedule.

group of peer advisors

2. Potlucks and Coffee

Free food and coffee? That’s right! Each month, the PCC hosts themed potlucks in the office, complete with fun games and awards for best dishes. Additionally, we always have freshly brewed coffee for our staff in the offic

peer advisor holding coffee
e. Words can’t espresso how great this perk is!  

3.  Professional Development

Working at the Pomerantz Career Center, you have the opportunity to gain professional development on a variety of topics! Every two weeks, we have a PCC professional staff member come and present a professional development topic. This is a great way to learn information by asking questions in a small group setting. Some previous topics we’ve covered: how to negotiate your salary, creating a LinkedIn profile, application process for graduate school, how to format unique resumes and cover letters, etc. Additionally, you can get personal feedback from professional staff on your own resume, cover letter, job search, interviews, and much more!


4. Leadership Opportunity

Working at the Pomerantz Career Center provides the opportunity for personal growth just as much as professional growth. It is encouraged to use your own strengths and apply them to the position. Whether it be working as a Career Peer Advisor, the Employer Relations Intern, the Events Intern, Graphic Design Intern, or the Marketing and Events Intern for the Career Leadership Academy, you have the ability to use your unique talents to contribute to the team! Giving presentations to various classes and student organizations also builds your confidence and communication skills, while giving you the chance to connect with other students across campus. Another helpful perk is being able to network with campus employers and professionals in the office. However, the most rewarding part about the job is assisting students - leaving you with a sense of fulfillment having left a small, positive impact on their futures.


peers on steps

5. The Best Coworkers and Work Environment

The best part about working at the Pomerantz Career Center is the fun, encouraging work atmosphere. The Career Advisors in the office always have their doors open and are available to provide whatever personal or professional support you need. Among their support, is that of your coworkers. Throughout the year, there are casual events organized outside of work to build rapport and cohesion among team members. It does not take long for your coworkers to become your friends, and for you to realize you made the best decision of your college career by applying to work at the Pomerantz Career Center.


Not that you needed any more reasons to apply... but go ahead and check out this video for more info on one of the positions working as a Career Peer Advisor!



by: Molly and Brianne