careerBUZZ: How to Prep for your Summer Internship

Friday, May 4, 2018 - 9:31am

Hey Hawks! Are you receiving the opportunity to intern for a company this upcoming summer? Well… say no more, I have a few recommendations to ensure your preparation is in good condition!

  1. First, did you know you can the option to register your internship through the University of Iowa as well as potentially receive credit? If this is something you are interested in, check the link below for additional questions.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the company: Make it a homework assignment before you start your internship to do further research on your company. Perhaps you already did this during the interview process, however, the company may be facing recent issues or has innovated their company goals. Ensuring that you understand the company culture and priorities can ultimately help you succeed to land a full-time position coming graduation.  
  3. Memorize and practice your daily commute: For some of you lucky birds who received an internship outside of the Iowa City area, remember your route to work. Whether you are commuting in a car or bus, preparing a couple days before your first day can make a difference on a positive or negative work day. Also, it makes you feel confident knowing where you are going and how much time walking from your drop-off destination will be.
  4. Ask what is the office dress code: It is perfectly okay to email your supervisor and ask them what the company dress code requirement is. You will actually be surprised on how many companies expect business causal and have Friday's off to wear jeans. You are not imposing on your supervisor by asking, it will actually be shown as you essentially caring on making the best impression.
  5. Create goals before your internship: Whether the internship is aligned with your major or a small aspect of your major, write down goals you want to see within yourself. These goals can be professional or personal. For example, before I started college I would say that I was not a great public speaker and had the misconception that public speaking was a born trait. I was wrong. As I have advanced in my career development, I have learned how to overcome my public speaking fears and use them to my advantage.
  6. Reach out to your supervisor: It can be overwhelming to start an internship if you are in a new location or if it is your first time doing an internship. If you have any concerns or updates on your commitment to your internship, be transparent with your supervisor. They understand that you are human and have emotions, they want you to succeed as much as possible!

Overall, we hope these tips will help you feel more at ease or prepare you to feel confident throughout your internship and we wish you a productive summer!

Written by Faviola Santana, Peer Advisor