careerBUZZ: 3 Reasons Why YOU Should Take a Career Assessment

Monday, October 15, 2018 - 8:21am

Hey Hawkeyes! Feeling unsure about what career field to go into? Wondering what kinds of jobs would best fit you? Want to learn more about yourself?  Then you should take our career assessments!


Here at the Pomerantz Career Center, we offer 4 different types. Read on for the top 3 benefits of utilizing this great student resource:    

1. Career Exploration & Self-Reflection

Not quite sure how to start the career exploration process? No worries! Assessments are a great first step. After all, it’s important when deciding what to do with the rest of your life to self-reflect and take inventory of everything that makes you, you. Your interests, skills, personality, and values are at the core of who you are. By answering questions about your attributes, likes and dislikes, you will be able to see which careers best match your personal characteristics. This may help you narrow down potential career paths, or help you discover options you hadn’t known existed before!


2. Inexpensive & Accessible

Once signed up, you can take career assessments whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Laying on the couch? Check! Plus, they range in price from free to $10, payable by credit card or U-Bill. Learning more about your perfect career for a great deal? Sign me up!


3. Personal Feedback

Our assessments provide individualized feedback. Whether that’s through a 14-page report or an interactive website,  all assessments come with personalized results! Additionally, you can discuss your results one-on-one with of our awesome career advisors, who can provide deeper insight into your assessment results in-person.


All in all, career assessments are a great way to identify your strengths, build confidence in your abilities, and help you discover a career path that’s right for you. Once completed, you will be one step closer in figuring out what you want to pursue in life – and that’s something to celebrate!

What are you waiting for? Take a career assessment today!