careerBUZZ: Why should you become part of the CLA Family?

Thursday, October 4, 2018 - 9:19am

Networking, strengths, relationships, giving back to the community: these are the top four things that students that are a part of the Career Leadership Academy Family take away from the program. Career Leadership Academy (CLA) teaches students real-life communication and professional skills that students can apply to real world situations. Students are taught skills that they can apply to CLA sponsored events and group service projects that give back to the community. Students learn what their top 5 strengths are and how they can utilize those strengths to shape their own leadership styles. A large benefit of joining the CLA family is that you can put CLA, or use examples and experiences from your time in CLA, as an interview topic. CLA is dedicated to teaching students transferable skills that they will be able to carry with them long after graduating college.

Program Values:

Excellence: We inspire and challenge our staff, instructors, and students by setting high standards and expectations to put forth our best in all areas of our lives in order to reach our full potential, embracing the process as much as the outcome.

Integrity: We are committed to being socially responsible citizens, leading with authenticity, working with integrity, and never compromising our ethics.

Inclusiveness: We celebrate diversity and we encourage variations in thinking so we may develop purposeful and empowering relationships.

Learning and Development: We believe that education is a holistic process and we encourage our staff, instructors, and students to become lifelong learners engaged in active inquiry, problem-solving, and personal reflection in order to cultivate the intellect and establish an identity through meaningful experiences.

Making a Difference: We work towards positive change by helping others recognize their sphere of influence and answer their call to action. By motivating ourselves and others to engage in active citizenship, service, and leadership, our vision may be shared and lived.



CLA sponsors two major events throughout the year that give students the opportunity to take everything they have learned in class and apply it to real-life situations: Career Prep Night for Part 2 students and Kaleidoscope for all CLA students.

Career Prep Night:

Career Prep Night is targeted for CLA Part 2 students and is composed of three different parts: ‘What’s Your Gig?’, Resumania, and Speed Networking. Each part benefits students in various ways. The goal of this event is for students to take what they learned in class and apply to a mock business situation. The night begins with ‘What’s Your Gig’, which is three employer panels discussing companies, industries, titles/positions and tips for both getting hired and long-term career success. Students then rotate between Speed Networking and Resumania. Speed Networking gives student the ability to practice their communication skills. In small groups, students meet with many industry professionals to practice elevator pitches, networking skills, and basic interviewing skills while learning about careers. Resumania provides feedback to students about their current resumes. In small groups, students meet with professionals to get tips on resume style, desired skills to highlight, industry buzzwords and more, in real time.


Kaleidoscope is open to all CLA students. The purpose of the event is to give students the ability to learn about the different styles of leadership in a variety of industries from guest speakers. Each student attends two separate speakers of their choosing, and then they have a chance to network with the speakers after the event. It is a great way to explore different career options as well and learn new leadership styles.

If you would like to connect with us and find out more about the Career Leadership Academy program check us out at:

Facebook: @CareerLeadershipAcademy

LinkedIn: Career Leadership Academy at the University of Iowa