careerBUZZ: Harry Potter's HireaHawk Tips

Friday, February 8, 2019 - 11:00am

Set up your account

Every University of Iowa student already has an account—all that you need to do is get online and activate your account! Visit to get started.

Upload a headshot for a profile picture

You are going to want to make sure whichever picture you upload is a professional one—no selfies, t-shirts, or group photos. It’s best to have the photo cut off just under your shoulders and to be in professional clothing.

You will want to treat this photo similarly to the one you would upload to LinkedIn. We want employers to see your best self!

Fill out your experiences on your profile

Further down on your profile, HireaHawk will have the options to add information under the sections of Education, Work Experiences, Volunteer Experiences, Courses, and Projects. This is a great chance to highlight all of your relevant experiences. You can take the descriptions of those experiences you already have listed on your resume and use that to make the process faster.

Double check all profile sections are complete

The more experiences on your profile, the better. This shows your diverse experiences and skills. Unlike on a resume, where you are limited to just one page, your HireaHawk profile can include as many experiences as would like.

Upload your resume in the documents section

Once your resume is uploaded to your account, it is easy to simply attach the document to any job, internship, and research application. In addition, a staff member from the Pomerantz Career Center reviews all first resumes uploaded into HireaHawk, which will provide you with helpful feedback on your resume.

Use job filters to find a tailored list of opportunities

Using filters when searching for opportunities is a great way to narrow down your selections and find positions that are right for you. With so many jobs and opportunities available, it can seem overwhelming without tailoring the results to your interests.

Click on the job tab, then press the drop-down option for filters. Here you will find options to filter by full-time, part-time, internship, on-campus, paid only, and many others!

Get job searching!

Visit the “Jobs” tab to view over 7,000 job postings from various employers and locations. These employers have specifically posted these jobs because they are interested in hiring Hawkeyes!