Alumni Spotlight - Megan Corlett

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 10:58am

Megan Corlett


Hello Hawkeyes! Today we are spotlighting Megan Corlett (BA ‘16 Health and Human Physiology with a minor in human relations, post-baccalaureate certificate ‘18 from The Perfusion Technology Program through The Carver College of Medicine).

Corlett is originally from Parker, Colorado. She now works as a Cardiovascular Perfusionist in St, Petersburg Florida.

She says she loves her job because of the impact she gets to have on patients. Corlett says it is a cool feeling to literally have the patient’s life in her hands, as their entire blood volume is running through the heart/lung machine that she is operating.

“It’s humbling and motivating to know that each day I head in for a case I’m playing a significant role in life-saving operations... typically heart surgeries,” Corlett says. “The impact goes beyond just the patient too. It creates a ripple effect that extends to the family, other loved ones, generations to come, and our world in more ways than we could ever know!” 

Corlett says Career Leadership Academy (CLA) left a lasting impact on her and greatly helped her transition from college into the workforce.

“The Career Leadership Academy was such a beneficial set of courses,” Corlett says. “I still reflect on its impact. The coursework and instructors were instrumental in my career preparation, the job application process, leadership development, and ongoing workplace professionalism. Two of my instructors even served as valuable references and wrote letters of recommendation on my behalf for scholarships and job applications.”

When reflecting on her time in CLA, Corlett says several assignments and opportunities she got from the class were especially helpful. 

“The various guest speakers throughout the CLA classes were always helpful in bringing their real-world experience into the classroom and connecting with what we were learning and how it all applies in the working world,” Corlett says. “Another highlight that stands out is the semester-long community outreach project. It was a great learning experience to work within a team construct with classmates and local organizations to brainstorm, plan, and implement an impactful service project to benefit the surrounding community.”

Corlett also said taking the personality and strength assessments were helpful, and that she still references and reflects on them today. She says using the results were helpful during the interviews she had post-graduation.

“I am so grateful for CLA and all those who make it possible,” Corlett says. “It played such a valuable role in my growth, preparation, and transition into the working world.” 

- By Claire Quigle