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Consider Iowa as you explore your career options. Here you can find a rewarding career that will challenge you and a relaxed lifestyle you’ll enjoy. Consider Iowasm offers all the tools you need to help you in your career search and selection. Plus, plenty of information you may not know about living and working in Iowa.

What is Consider Iowasm

The Consider Iowasm program is:

  • A program administered by The University of Iowa Marvin A. & Rose Lee Pomerantz Career Center 
  • Committed to raising awareness of career opportunities in the state of Iowa for college-age individuals
  • An initiative providing students an opportunity to explore career and lifestyle opportunities Iowa has to offer, while connecting them with professionals and employers working in fields of their interest

Contact Information

Angi Mckie - 319-335-1023

Highlighted Events and Services

Events are planned annually to give students and employers in the state of Iowa an opportunity to connect.

Sample past events include:

  • luncheons hosted throughout the state of Iowa building awareness of UI programs/services and soon-to-be graduates
  • networking events for young professionals, recruitment professionals and UI students

Find Your Career

Employment Resources (for UI students and Alumni)

Continuing your Education

Find Your Lifestyle

Living in Iowa

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Fact: Compared to the rest of the country, Iowa's cost of living is 10.70% Lower than the U.S. average. (Source:

Resources for Diverse Populations


Consider Iowasm remains committed to enhancing awareness of career opportunities within the state of Iowa. The primary audience for this program includes students and alumni of The University of Iowa.



Consider Iowasm was created in 2001 with the purpose of exposing students at The University of Iowa to career opportunities in the state of Iowa. Employer immersion trips for students and internships in emerging companies were the early activities of the program. In 2006, a website was developed to offer a wide variety of career development resources, with special focus on community college students.

In 2007, an Assistant Director for Consider Iowasm was hired, the internship aspect was re-named "Experience Iowa" and broadened to give more students exposure to Iowa companies. Also, luncheons were held for employers in key cities within the state to gather input and discuss this program.

In 2008, the web site was re-designed and several new programmatic activities were added. A marketing plan was implemented to include the state's independent colleges and universities. Another luncheon series was held to work with communities on establishing both a community profile and a small group of mentors willing to assist new professionals who are considering a move to the area.

Since that time the program has moved towards hosting bi-annual lunches around the state to help make employers aware of ways to recruit talent from the state of Iowa and establish recruiting practices, as well as creating ways to recognize/call attention to Iowa employment opportunities for college students.