Educator - Sample Cover Letter - Sec. MAT District Wide

George H. Gallup

432 Bell Lane

Jefferson, IA 50129


May 20, 2013


Cedar Rapids Community Schools

Human Resources Department

2500 Edgewood Road NW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405


Dear Hiring Administrator:


I am writing to express my interest in a Special Education teaching position at the secondary level in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. As a recent graduate of The University of Iowa from the Master of Arts in Teaching program, I am qualified to teach Special Education to students in 5th-12th grade. I thrive in a collaborative,  team environment and specialize in helping students acquire the academic and social skills necessary for lifelong learning.


As you will note on my résumé, I have had many non-traditional educational experiences with students of all ages. Most prominently, I spent ample time counseling students with academic, emotional, and substance abuse issues at the Center for Alcohol and Drug Services, Inc. and Family Resources, Inc. in Davenport, IA. During my tenure in these positions, I practiced behavioral therapy methods and de-escalation techniques that I now implement in the special education classroom to create a safe and collaborative learning environment.  Additionally, I prepared online podcasts to guide individual clients when not in session, a skill that I have taught multiple working teachers to use in their flipped classrooms.


My student teaching placement at Iowa City High School this past semester provided me with the opportunity to work with 9th-12th grade students in a pull-out Special Education program. With the senior students, I designed an “Independent Living” unit in which they learned about apartment rentals, meal preparation, and budgeting money. I even accompanied the students on a field trip to the grocery store so they could analyze food prices in order to determine their weekly meal costs. Learning basic life skills is imperative to the success of all students, and I always strive to draw connections to the outside world during my lessons.


Please feel free to contact me by phone at (515) 555-6789 or via e-mail at to discuss my qualifications or the needs of your district further. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.




George H. Gallup