Best Practices

The Pomerantz Career Center provides personalized consulting for your organization that can be done over the phone, video conference, or during a site visit. Topics include the following:



  • Let us help you establish and elevate your brand awareness on campus as we assist you in developing a combination of proven strategies.

Establishing Internships

  • If you are considering establishing an internship program in your organization, let us help you apply best practices to get your program started on the right track.

Job Description

  • One of the best and easiest ways to improve your campus recruiting is to take a critical look at your job descriptions before posting them. We can assist in the review and offer suggestions to increase your impact with students.

Recruiting Trends

  • Curious about where campus recruiting is headed? We are happy to discuss what our data is telling us and what trends we are observing at a regional and national level.

Professional Organizations

  • Staff from the Employer Relations Team participate in local and regional organizations.

    Some we recommend are:              

    NACE - National Association of Colleges & Employers
    Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers
    Society for Human Resource Management


Members of the employer relations team offer a few webinars throughout the year on the topics above.


Next Steps

  • If you are interested in scheduling a call to discuss any of the above topics, please contact the Employer Relations Team at 319-335-1023.

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