Career Insider Series

The Career Insider video series is designed to help University of Iowa students hear directly from employers about what it is like to work at your organization and learn about the variety of ways they can apply their skills, interest and values in a career.  Videos will be available to students on demand, distributed through Career Center marketing channels like career community newsletters and social media, as well as promoted and accessible to faculty and staff for use in academic courses and student programming.   

What to Feature: Focus your video(s) on one or more of the topics below.  

  • Who We Are. Tell us about the purpose of your organization, it’s place in the industry, the value you bring, and the people (your team) who make it happen.  
  • What We Do.  Showcase some of the roles/skills you recruit for by giving an inside look into how employees spend their days. 
  • Why You Belong. Highlight your inclusive practices, the ways you support employees, the values/skills employees get to use and develop, career pathways available, and more.  


Best Practices:  

  • Make it “Evergreen.” Focus on information and topics that won’t change from season to season. Avoid specific points of contact/deadlines, etc.  
  • Showcase Your Employees. Consider featuring former interns and recent hires (i.e. current students and alumni). Students love to hear from people who are like them and have been through a similar journey.  
  • Short and Simple are Best. Aim for anywhere from 3-10 minutes depending on the topic and format, and don’t worry about creating a professional-quality video. Self-recorded from zoom or a phone is just fine! 
  • Re-Purpose What You Already Have. Have some previously existing marketing videos that touch on some of the topics referenced? You can send those too! 
  • File Type:  Share the original file (.mp4, .mov) with our team and we’ll post to our gallery and distribute to appropriate channels.  

Contact point: Sarah Kiburz 

For other virtual ways to connect with students and our coaches, also consider 3 Questions with an Employer, a virtual series for our Career Coaching Team, hosting live virtual events to interact with students or attending one of our virtual career fairs.