Hiring Students With Disabilities

The Pomerantz Career Center values preparing a diverse workforce and understands that individuals with disabilities can be an asset to many companies and organizations.  The resources below serve to support employers in understanding fair hiring practices, making accommodations on the job, using monetary incentives, and understanding the legal landscape of the American with Disabilities Act. 


Fair Hiring Practices

Think Beyond the Label

Employer Assistance and Resource Network

Disability Inquires in the Workforce Development System

National Center on Workforce and Disability

Focus on Ability

Video Training Resources



Accommodations A to Z

Disability Etiquette

Reasonable Accommodations


Monetary Incentives

Iowa Workforce

IRS: Tax Benefits

Employer Financial Incentives


Legal Considerations

Disability Employment Policy Resources

Employment Laws: Disability & Discrimination

ADA Business Connection

Employers and the ADA: Myths and Facts