Posting Jobs & Internships

What Can Be Posted?

  • On-Campus/student employment, part-time positions, internships and full-time positions for undergraduate and graduate students (except for MBA) can be posted in the system. 

  • To post MBA positions, contact MBA Career Services or call 319-335-1021.

  • We are no longer allowing Private Home positions to be posted in the system. Please view alternate posting sites.


Employer User Agreement and Posting Guidelines

Instructions for Posting a Position

  • Create or log into your Handshake account
  • Click "Post a Job" on your Employer homepage. You can also click "Jobs" in the left navigation bar and select "Create a Job" toward the right hand corner.
  • Complete the form (Basics, Details, Preferences, Schools) and then select "Next". Be sure to select which schools to post to.
  • Add your Start and End Dates and select "Create".

Editing a Position

  • Click "Jobs" in the left navigation bar
  • Select the job you are interested in updating
  • Select "Edit Job" at the top. From here, you can edit each section of the job posting by clicking through the bottom tabs. 
  • Don't forget to save your changes when you are done.

How to Source Candidates for Your Positions - Search for Students and Download Public Resumes

  • Click "Students" in the left navigation bar
  • Select the criteria for your search
  • ​​If you have a trust score of 80% or higher, you also have the option to download student resumes. 
  • Click on individual student names or in the uppermost checkbox, select the entire page of results. Once an item is checked, you will see bulk action options to appear. You can select the entirety of your results, message students or download resumes. 
  • Click "Download Resumes" and click "Confirm" to proceed. 

Visit the Handshake Help Center where you will find everything you need to know about posting a position!
There are articles on Deleting a Posting, Adding Attachments, Adding or Changing the Contact to Receive Applicant Packages, How to Renew an Expired Posting and so much more!