Resume Book

Organizations recruiting for internship and full-time positions may request access to the Resume Book. Before submitting your request for access, you must have an active account and an active posting in the system. To request access, please email  or

In, there is one main resume book that is populated with all students that agree to share their resume with employers. Within that book, you can select your criteria and reach out to students that meet your qualifications.


Instructions for Using the Resume Book 
(once you have created your account)

  • Once you have been given access, go to "Resume Book" on the left navigation bar (you will only see this tab once you have been granted access)
  • Choose "All Students"
  • Go to "Advanced Resume Search" to enter the criteria and submit
  • Once your list is generated, choose the + sign to select all records
  • Select "Batch Options" - "Mail to Checked" button to compose and send your email
  • You also have options to "Generate a Packet" or "Save as Excel"

Resume Book Tips

  • Customize
    With the recent increase in scammers contacting students we highly recommend customizing your emails to students to ensure students view the email.
  • Tailor Message
    Tailor the message to each student or type of student you are seeking.
  • Target the Right Students
    Do not message all the students in the book.  Use the advanced search feature to find the right students for your posting.
  • Job ID Number
    Include your job ID number so students can easily find your posting.
  • Resume Submission Deadline
    Include the resume submission deadline so students know how long they have to apply.
  • Drive Traffic at Events
    Use the resume book to drive students to the career fair or your other events.  With so many organizations actively recruiting on campus this can help you to stand out.


For assistance using the resume book, please contact the Employer Relations Team at 319-335-1023.