Student Public Resumes

Who Can Download Resumes?

  • New or existing employers with a Trust Score of N/A or lower than 80 will not have the ability to download resumes. This is to ensure that students are contacted by trusted employers via the system. For tips on how to increase your Trust Score, check out this article: How Can I Increase My Trust Score?
  • Third Party Recruiters or Staffing Agencies will not have the ability to download resumes.

How to Search for Students and Download Public Resumes

  • Log into your Handshake account

  • Click "Students" in the left navigation bar

  • Select the criteria for your search

  • ​​If you have a trust score of 80% or higher, you also have the option to download student resumes. 

  • Click on individual student names or in the uppermost checkbox, select the entire page of results. Once an item is checked, you will see bulk action options to appear. You can select the entirety of your results, message students or download resumes. 

  • Click "Download Resumes" and click "Confirm" to proceed. 

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