Virtual Events

Engage with students through live virtual sessions that highlight your employer brand and/or help students prepare to successfully navigate the recruiting process. Whether you host an Ask Me Anything session, an Employee Panel, feature Employee Resource Groups, or give an inside look into the roles you recruit for, your industry, or your recruiting process, there are so many ways to use this platform to connect with students through different approaches and topics.

Requesting Virtual Events in Handshake

Best Practices for Virtual Events


  • Tailor your Title: Include your company’s name, be clear on the topic, give an indication of who would be interested.  (Sample title: “CompanyName Presents: A Day in the Life of a Insert Role) 
  • Elaborate in Your Description: Include the types of roles you are hiring for, mention your target audiences, and have a statement that describes what students will walk away with. (“Hear directly from last summer’s interns about their experience with Company and what to expect from our recruiting process. Perfect for students with abc skills/majors and interested in xyz.”). 
  • Post at Least the Week Before. This allows time for students to see the event and for us to do some promotion for you.  
  • Promote Outside of Handshake:  Reach out to applicable student organizations and let them know about your upcoming event  
  • Check out these resources from Handshake: Hosting Virtual Events and Virtual Meeting Best Practices & Resources for Employers


  • Leave the Description Blank. There are a lot of events vying for students' time. If they can’t determine whether an event will have value for them (or is for them), they won’t attend.  

  • Use Abbreviations/Jargon. Instead of “ERG” write “employee resource group.” There are terms we use daily in the professional world that student don’t have a context for yet.  

  • Post the Day Before or Same-day. Again, there are a lot of notifications students are getting for virtual events. IF yours comes out same day or the day before, it’s likely to get missed.  


If you'd like you can provide a recording of your event after it is over and we will include the session on our website for broader viewing. You may also be interested in our Career Insider Video Series or 3 Questions with an Employer series.