Handshake - Faculty Account

We have fully transitioned to Handshake (from HireaHawk). Please refer to the system as Handshake when speaking with students or letting them know where to apply for positions. 

Request Access to a "Test Student" Account
Please submit this form and we will create a "Test Student" account for you. With this account, you will be able to view positions and recommend positions to your students. You will be able to see exactly what students can see which is helpful if you are walking students through the system. 

If you feel like this is not the type of access that you are looking for, please contact the Career Center at careercenter@uiowa.edu

Log-In to Your "Test Student" Account - choose log in using Email and Password towards the bottom of the screen

If you are or will be posting positions for your department and have or need to create an Employer account, this article will show you How to Create an Employer Account Linked to Your Student Account 

Handshake Student Help Center

Handshake Employer Help Center