Request a Presentation or Workshop

One of our trained Career Peer Advisors or Professional Career Advisors are available to come to your classroom or student organization to present on topics below.  Please note suggested time frames for each topic, when making your request.

Possible topics include:
Creating a Dynamic Resume & Cover Letter (allow 45 minutes)
Graduate School Applications & Timelines (allow 60 minutes)
Gap Year Options (allow 45 minutes)
Identifying & Marketing Transferrable Skills (allow 60 minutes)
Internship Search (allow 60 minutes)
Interviewing Tips (allow 45 minutes)
Job Search (allow 60 minutes)
LinkedIn/Personal Branding (allow 60 minutes)
Networking Basics (allow 30-45 minutes)
Overview of Services & Handshake (allow 30 minutes)
Volunteering (allow 30 minutes)

Note: In order to meet demand, we require request be completed and submitted 3-4 weeks in advance.  Student organizations may request one program/semester.

Request a Program