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Our knowledgeable Career Peer Advisors are available to come present to your student organization or at various events around campus on the topics below. Please note that most presentations will be approximately 30 minutes in length and are designed to serve broad audiences. Please include extra notes in your program request if there is anything additional you would like us to cover, and we will try our best to accommodate!


Creating a Dynamic Resume: This presentation will provide an overview of resume formatting and organization, as well as tips for which experiences to include and how to write skillful bullet points. Cover letters are covered briefly at the end of the presentation.


Cover Letters: This presentation takes a deeper dive into cover letters. Students will learn about the proper format and what types of information to include.


Identifying and Marketing Transferable Skills: This presentation will introduce the concept of transferable skills and why they are important. CliftonStrengths will also be touched on briefly in this presentation as they relate to showcasing your skills.


Internship Search: This presentation will introduce what an internship is, how to search for opportunities, and give some insight into the preparation and research that students should do as they seek these valuable experiences. Full-time job search strategies will be touched on briefly as well.


Interviewing Tips: This presentation will provide information about how to prepare for an interview, describe different types of interviews, and teach students how to formulate strong responses that will help with landing the job!


LinkedIn and Personal Branding: This presentation will walk students through the different sections of a LinkedIn profile. Developing a brand mantra will also be covered, as well as strategies for using LinkedIn as a networking tool.


Networking Basics: This presentation will define networking and help students develop their “elevator pitch”. Students will also learn tips about how to be successful during networking events.


Overview of Services and Intro to Handshake: This presentation will introduce students to the various services provided by the Pomerantz Career Center. Further, it will give a brief overview of our student employment portal that we utilize here at Iowa: Handshake.


Some presentations are a bit more specific and can be better addressed by professional career advisors. Other presentations that can be done by professional staff include:

  • Graduate School Applications and Timelines
  • Gap Year Options
  • Job Searching
  • Volunteering


Note: In order to meet demand, we require request be completed and submitted 3-4 weeks in advance.  Student organizations may request one program/semester.

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