Handshake Checklist

Did you know you can use Handshake to do ALL of this?

  • Schedule advising appointments
  • Request a mock interview
  • Find full-time employment, internships and student employment jobs
  • Register your internships
  • Learn about upcoming career fairs and events
  • Record your volunteer experiences
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews 
  • And it's all FREE!

Utilize the checklist below to help navigate the system.  

You can refer to the Printable Career Guide for help with your resume, cover letter etc.



[  ] LOGIN – Go to Handshake - click on Students Log-In - enter your HawkID and password. This will take you to your Handshake homepage. Be sure to update all the required fields in order to move forward and use all the features of the site.

[  ] BROWSE – Take some time to browse through the different tabs and information available in the system.

[  ] SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT – Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach by going to MyUI and Advising Appointment - Select Pomerantz Career Center. This is a great opportunity to work with your Career Coach and understand how to better utilize Handshake.



[  ] UPDATE YOUR PROFILE – As things change with your major, year in school, GPA, contact information etc. update your profile by clicking on “My Profile” under your name.

[  ] MAKE YOUR PROFILE PUBLIC AND SEARCHABLE BY EMPLOYERS AND STUDENTS – To allow employers and fellow students to search for and view your profile, go to the My Profile link. Click “Make Profile Public.”

[  ] UPDATE GRADUATION DATE – Keep your graduation date updated under the My Profile link - Education in order to get the most updated information from the Career Center. 



[  ] CREATE A RESUME – The Career Center has many resources to use for creating a resume. You can also utilize the Career Guide for resume templates and suggestions.

[  ] UPLOAD YOUR RESUME – Visit the “Documents” link under your name and upload your resume in order to be ready to apply for opportunities through the system.

[  ] MAKE YOUR RESUME VIEWABLE TO EMPLOYERS – Under the “Documents” link, make sure “Visible” is selected to ensure employers can view your resume.

[  ] UPDATE YOUR RESUME – Update your resume each year with new experiences to keep it competitive.  



[  ] RESEARCH EMPLOYERS – Research employers by industry and geography to start searching for potential volunteer and internship opportunities. Visit the “Jobs” tab, “Employers” link to search by various filters.

[  ] COMPLETE AN INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW – Learn more about completing an informational interview and utilize the “Jobs” tab, “Employers” link to find recruiters to connect with and learn about their career path, organizations, or positions.

[  ] SEARCH FOR OPPORTUNITIES – Click on the “Jobs” tab. You can then select the type of position you are seeking and begin your search. Be sure to have your resume reviewed and uploaded prior to applying to positions, as they will require it upon application. 

[  ] SET UP A SAVED SEARCH – Have the system search automatically for jobs and internships you are interested in and send you a daily or weekly email.  Do this by going to the “Jobs” tab. Click on the “Filters” button and enter the search criteria you are looking for and click “See Jobs” at the bottom. Once you do this, a list of jobs will appear. In the box above the job listings, you will be able to save your search.

[  ] ATTEND A CAREER EVENT – Check out the “Events” tab to learn about upcoming career fairs, workshops, and events happening around campus to learn more about prospective careers.

[  ] INTERSTRIDE – If you are an international student seeking positions in the United States, you can utilize Interstride to help with this search. If you are a student looking to work or intern outside the United States, utilize Interstride to research working abroad, as well as search for jobs abroad. 



[  ] COMPLETE A MOCK INTERVIEW WITH AN EMPLOYER – Go to the “Jobs” tab. Type “mock interview” in the keyword search. Select the employer, date, and your preferred time. A resume will be required to register.

[  ] COMPLETE A VIRTUAL MOCK INTERVIEW USING BIG INTERVIEW – Under the “Career Center” tab, “Resources” link, you can access Big Interview where you can complete an online simulated mock interview. Using a webcam, your responses are recorded which you can view for self-critique and share with others.

 [  ] PARTICIPATE IN ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS – Search for and sign up for an on-campus interview with employers coming to campus under the “Jobs” tab, “On-Campus Interviews” link. Once you have signed up for an on-campus interview, you will be able to see all interviews you’ve requested through the system.



[  ] REPORT YOUR INTERNSHIP – Visit the “Career Center,” tab, “Experiences” link. From here, you can select “Request an Experience.” Complete information regarding your new experience to report your internship to the Pomerantz Career Center or Tippie College of Business and start the process of registering for an internship course.

[  ] TRACK YOUR COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – Start tracking your community involvement such as volunteer hours, service-learning courses, and philanthropy by visiting the “Career Center” tab, “Experiences” link. From here, you can select “Request an Experience” - choose the “Volunteer…Track My Hours” under “Experience Type.”