HireaHawk Timeline Checklist

Did you know you can use HireaHawk.com to do ALL of this?

  • Schedule advising appointments
  • Request a mock interview
  • Find full-time employment, internships and student employment jobs
  • Register your internships
  • Learn about upcoming career fairs and events
  • Record your volunteer experiences
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews 
  • And it's all FREE!

Utilize the checklist below to help navigate the system.  Note: We have suggested years for each area but items can be completed on your own timeline based on where you are in the process.

You can refer to the Printable Career Guide for help with your resume, cover letter etc.


1st Year

[  ] LOGIN – Go to www.hireahawk.com - click on Students Log-In - enter your HawkID and password. This will take you to your  HireaHawk homepage. Be sure to update all of the required fields in order to move forward and use all of the features of the site.

[  ] BROWSE – Take some time to browse through the different tabs and information available in the system.

[  ] VIEW ONLINE TUTORIALS – Review the online tutorials under the Help tab to learn more about navigating the system.

[  ] UPDATE YOUR PROFILE – As things change with your major, contact information, year in school, GPA, etc. update your Personal and Academic Profile under the Profile tab.

[  ] SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT – Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor by going to MyUI and Advising Appointment - Select Pomerantz Career Center

[  ] TRACK YOUR COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – Start tracking your community involvement such as volunteer hours, service learning courses, and philanthropy by going to your HireaHawk account and clicking on Career Center - Experiences, Request Experience - choose the Volunteer option/form 

[  ] ATTEND A CAREER EVENT – Check out the Events tab to learn about upcoming career fairs, workshops, and events happening around campus to learn more about prospective careers.

[  ] UPLOAD A STUDENT EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION – You can upload a Student Employment Application by going to the Help Tab on the left hand side. Then click on FAQ & Resources. You can also find the Application under "Prepare for Your Search" on the right hand side. Click on the "How to Guide" or Student Application to get started.

[  ] SEARCH FOR STUDENT EMPLOYMENT JOBS - To search for Student Employment jobs, click on the Current Postings tab on the left hand side and then Search & Apply to view positions. Some postings may require an application and/or resume. Please see each posting for details.

[  ] VIEW HELP RESOURCES - View other helpful guides and documents under the Help tab on the left hand side and then FAQ & Resources.

[  ] CREATE A RESUME – The Career Center has created many resources to use when creating a resume. This link can also be found under the Help section > FAQ & Resources. From this section, you can also utilize the Career Guide for resume templates and suggestions.

[  ] UPLOAD YOUR RESUME – After you have met with a Career or Peer Advisor to have your resume reviewed, upload it to the Documents tab in order to be ready for applying for opportunities through the system.


2nd Year

[  ] COMPLETE AN INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW – Learn more about completing an informational interview and utilize the Employers tabs to find recruiters to connect with.

[  ] RESEARCH EMPLOYERS – Research employers by industry and geography to start searching for potential volunteer and internship opportunities.

[  ] COMPLETE A MOCK INTERVIEW USING INTERVIEWSTREAM – From your homepage click on the InterviewStream link under Prepare for Your Search on the right hand side. This will take you to the Interview Stream site where you can complete a recorded mock interview. You will be able to access it later or share it with others.

[  ]  SEARCH FOR AN INTERNSHIP – Click on the Current Postings tab and then Search & Apply to apply for internships.

[  ] UPDATE YOUR RESUME – Update your resume each year with your new experiences to keep it competitive.  


3rd Year

[  ] COMPLETE A MOCK INTERVIEW WITH AN EMPLOYER – Go to Current Postings > Search & Apply. Type in “mock” in the keyword search and utilize the system to schedule a mock interview with an employer.

[  ] SET UP A SAVED SEARCH – Have the system search automatically for jobs and internships you are interested in and send you a daily or weekly email.  Do this by going to the Current Postings tab - Search & Apply. Click on the Advanced Search link and enter the search criteria you are looking for and click Search at the bottom. Once you do this, a list of jobs will appear. Then go to the Save Search tab  and give your search a name in the Title field. Choose how often you would like to be emailed and if you only want new results or not and then Save.

[  ] MAKE YOUR RESUME VIEWABLE AND SEARCHABLE BY EMPLOYERS – To allow employers to search for and view your resume, go to the Profile tab - Personal. Then click on Privacy which is the third option over. Mark "yes" to the first field - Include in Resume Books. If this field is marked as yes, each resume you upload will be viewable by employers and you may receive emails from them regarding their available positions.

[  ] GOING GLOBAL – If you are a student looking to work or intern abroad, utilize Going Global on the homepage to do research on working and interning abroad, as well as search for jobs abroad.  If you are an international student seeking positions in the United States, you can also utilize Going Global to help with this search.

[  ] PARTICIPATE IN ON-CAMPUS INTERVIEWS – Sign up for an on-campus interview with employers coming to campus under the Current Postings tab - Search & Apply. Once you have signed up for an on-campus interview, you can go to the Interviews tab to see any scheduled interviews or interviews you’ve requested through the system.

[  ] REPORT YOUR INTERNSHIP – Go to the homepage and under Record Your Experience on the right side select Report Internships – Add New Experience to report your internship to the Pomerantz Career Center or Tippie College of Business and start the process of registering for an internship course.


4th Year

[  ] UPDATE YOUR RESUME AND OTHER DOCUMENTS – Be sure to keep an updated resume, cover letter and other documents in the system as you start applying for positions.

[  ] FULL-TIME JOB SEARCH – Start searching and applying for positions before graduation.  Utilize the Current Postings tab, as well as the Events tab to assist.

[  ] UPDATE GRADUATION DATE – Keep your graduation date updated under the Profile tab - Academic in order to get the most updated information from the Career Center.