Internship Agreement (for the Zero Credit Hour Internship Course)

  • Professional conduct: I understand that I am to act in a professional manner at all times. I understand that it is my responsibility to find out from my internship site the specific details of my duties, work schedule, compensation, and benefits. I understand that I will be subject to the rules and regulations of the internship site.
  • Health/accident insurance: I understand that it is my own responsibility to carry appropriate health and accident insurance during my internship.
  • Unemployment compensation: I understand that as a student enrolled in an internship or cooperative education experience, I will not be eligible to file for unemployment compensation from the University of Iowa and may not be eligible to file for unemployment compensation from my internship site.
  • As an intern/cooperative education student, I agree to register my experiential learning experience with the Pomerantz Career Center; fulfill my responsibilities to the Pomerantz Career Center, appropriate faculty, and internship site; and notify the Pomerantz Career Center if my internship status changes after the start of my assignment.
  • I understand that continued use of career center resources is contingent upon my adherence to this agreement.