Internship Proposal


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Contact Person



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Dear Mr./Ms. _________,  


1st Element:        State the purpose of the letter

Explain what you are offering                                                                                                  1 paragraph

  • Why are you writing this letter? State that you are proposing to work for their organization as an INTERN. State a project you wish to work on or position you wish to have.
  • Explain to the employer how working as an intern will benefit them.
  • State when you will be available.

2nd Element:       Show your knowledge of the organization

Explain why you are a good fit                                                                                 1 to 3 short paragraphs

  • Explain why you targeted this specific organization.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the company’s products, services, or operations.
  • Explain those parts of your experience – including academic background, relevant work experience and appropriate personal qualities/transferable skills that will be of interest to the employer.
  • State a specific skill or ability required for this position – use key terms.
  • Demonstrate that you are interested in learning and working hard.
  • Be brief and focus on your ability to contribute.

3rd Element:       Request an interview or meeting                                                                           1 paragraph

  • Take the initiative - request an interview or meeting appointment OR tell the reader you will

contact them soon in order to see if you can schedule a mutually convenient appointment. State when you are available and how to be reached at your phone number


Thank you for your time and consideration,

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